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Without a road map or signs to show the way to your destination the route taken can be much longer the first time than it needs to be. Wrong turns, dead ends and countless kilometers travelled will keep you from reaching your destination effectively.

Sure, after the first time around things will be a little clearer and you will have learnt some valuable lessons along the way. You may even be more aware of things that you would do differently the next time around. So, it is true that experience is the greatest teacher, however it is also the most costly.

Having a plan will help you achieve your goals or your what but a plan will not deliver your what without the required effort. We’ll look at motivation in more detail and explore your why in the coming posts.

A widely used framework for effectively setting goals can be found in the SMART Goals methodology. The SMART Goals methodology prompts you to consider various components of your goals including their being:
●  Specific
●  Measurable
●  Achievable
●  Realistic, and
●  Time Bound

And therefore assists in the planning stages before you commit to the journey towards your goals.


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